Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS)

ELCG was established by the LCMS. Since the establishment of the church, LCMS have sent many missionaries to Ghana and have also helped in training many of our Pastors in the States.

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Lutheran World Federation (LWF

ELCG partner with LWF for diaconal projects

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International Lutheran Council (ILC)

ELCG is a member Church of ILC

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World Council of Churches (WCC)

ELCG is a member church of WCC

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 All Africa Council of Churches (AACC)

ELCG is a member church of AACC

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Christian Council Of Churches – Ghana  (CCC)

ELCG is a member church of CCC

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Lutheran Media Ministry (LMM)

Lutheran Media Ministry is a partner of ELCG with the mandate of bringing Christ to the nations and the nations to the Church.

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