Bible Readings

21st Sunday After Pentecost - (17/10/21)

- 1st Reading: Eccl 5:10-20  
- 2nd Reading: Heb. 4:1-13 (14-16)
- 3rd Reading: Mark 10:23-31

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Dr. Black

Foriegn Pastors

Rev. Dr. Black delivering his Sermon during the Installation of Rev. John Donkoh and the Trustees of ELCG.


Installation Service

This past Sunday, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana (ELCG) held a service installing President Rev. John S. Donkoh into his second term in office, along with other officers of the church.

Home Cell Initiative

The home-cell initiative is an evangelism tool under the auspices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana.

Rev. Dr. Salifu

Book Launch

Rev. Dr. Salifu launches a book in their local language to help the message get to the people.


Deaconess Program Launch

As part of the women fellowship to build their capacity, the deaconess program is launched to help the women in the church across the country.


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